I’ve realized recently that I’ve been less than amazing at keeping my friends and fans informed about what I’m up to as an artist and what new creative products and services I’m able to offer.

If you feel like you haven’t been feeling the love from me on my various media channels, please forgive me! I’m going to correct that in a big way starting right here and right now.

I’ve begun to take my YouTube channel seriously for the first time and I’m going to be making regular content involving various creative processes I use in the different media I work in. You can expect digital art, oil paintings, classical sculpture work and photoshop mega image mashups as well as an insight into my personal spin on art-making and the role of the artist in general.

So what have I been working on...

Unfortunately I can’t really tell you until it’s been published, or you know already. In either case I can’t show you till it’s officially made public which should be soon I think. All I can say is that it represents a year of hard work and I think you’ll really like it. Can’t wait to show you.

What I can share right now is this painting I recently completed…

Oil on canvas, about 1.2m by 1m (about 4ft by 3 ft), it’s painted from a series of photographs shot in the greater Kruger park area of a two groups of rhinos meeting each other. Using soft colour harmonies and light brush strokes I’ve tried to capture some of the tenderness and curiosity displayed in the meeting. The painting will hang in the apartment of the photographer in his flat in Camps Bay, Cape Town. Will post to my Facebook page to show you how it looks hung up. The specific colors in the painting were chosen to complement the colour scheme of the space it’s destined for.


This year I'm going to be much more involved in creating fine art commissions

Like this and other types of personal projects as well. I’m also starting to offer high quality prints of some my work on archival paper which retain their colors for around 80 – 100 years. If you see something on one of my media channels or my website you’d like printed, it might be possible! Just ask. I’ll have an online shop set up on my website soon to make it easier for you as well.

And apart from that feel free to email me any time if you’re interested in working with me. Or just to say hi. Or for any reason really. I like communicating.