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Matthew was born in 1981 in a little known town in England on a dark and snowy night. The son of an artist and engineer, he’s been gifted with both highly logical thinking and a deep appreciation and understanding of the arts.

At the age of six he won a sculpture competition against high school kids. Hundreds of hours of Life Drawing at the National School of the Arts in High School, and his further Fine Arts studies at Stellenbosch University, developed his sense of observation and his understanding of form.

He lives and works and surfs in Cape Town, South Africa. When not actively on an illustration/sculpture or other commissioned art project, you can find him hiking or biking in the mountains, surfing somewhere around the Cape peninsula or studying philosophy, religion or reading a good biography.

He sees his purpose as the enrichment of communication- either by creating a more alive, aesthetic environment for others, or by bringing new richness and understanding to the way others communicate with the world. An eternal optimist, he imbues both his life and his work with playful energy and a sense of hope.

For the past 15 years he’s done architectural sculpture work for classical buildings throughout the Cape. As an illustrator he has worked with Oxford, Cambridge and other publishers and clients to provide clear and lively artwork to entertain and educate children in South Africa and many other African countries.

He’s currently concentrating on his own line of work but is always interested in creative projects (painting, sculptural work, illustration) if you’d like to get in touch.


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