Custom made artwork

Let me create a completely unique one-of-a-kind tailor made masterpiece for your home, garden or other space you want to bring new life into.



the process

From concept to completion

  • Send me whatever ideas you have, in written or visual form and I’ll work out a visual project proposal so you can accurately understand what the final result of our artwork will be.
  • I’ll send you several options if necessary.

  • I charge a small fee for anything past a simple proposal which is fully refunded as part of the price of the final work should you choose to go ahead with the artwork.


Oil on Canvas, Clay, Stone cast, Metal, Digital Painting?


I’m competent in many, many different media and I’m broadening my skillset all the time. If you have an idea of what you’d like to create, don’t hesitate to…



Get in touch

I needed some illustrations and engaged Matt. I had seen Matt’s work, and knew he could deliver technically excellent work, but I had NO IDEA he would take my ideas and conceptually expand them almost infinitely. I am extraordinarily pleased with what Matt did. He was able to exactly understand what I, as a client, wanted, and delivered it better than I could have imagined.

J Franklin

Matthew has been one of our ‘consulting’ sculptors for several years. He has great skill, works timeously and offers excellent personal service. We look forward to working with him for many years to come.

J Courts

Matthew is a very talented artist who is able to interpret a brief quickly and accurately. His artistic work is of a high quality and I would highly recommend him. His graphic work has added much value to the publication we have been working on.

R Wolpe

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