The Calm of the Deep Blue Sea

I spend a lot of time in the ocean surfing. Its one of my favorite places to rejuvenate my body and mind. The ocean to me has an almost infinite source of peace, enjoyment and aliveness. It’s mood is never quite the same and you can never quite capture its grace for more than moment before it becomes something else new to appreciate.

In this painting I’ve let my love of the sea influence my brush-strokes and style.

I chose to depict a calm day out to sea to give a sense of peace and used brighter than life, serene blues.

The stretched-out, diagonal brush strokes to paint the ocean seek to remind that there is always movement and change in the vastness of the sea; That even a calm day could change at any moment into something very exciting and challenging. Kind of the same way I feel about life.

I added a dash of abstract

I decided to move away from a realistic depiction of ocean ripples, but in stead drizzled a paint solvent near the middle of the sea area while the paint was still wet which gives a sense of the way liquid forms organic patterns over surfaces.

So although the artwork is obviously depicting a real scene, the subject matter becomes a little abstracted and the it’s forms more creatively explored than just a mere photographic copy.

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You are part of the process...

This article is mostly about my process in creating this piece.  A true artwork is one in which the viewer is engaged and invited to bring their own opinions and understandings to the work. 


What do you see and feel when you look at this painting?


  1. Letitia Hall Kotze

    There is a depth that draws you to want to see what lies behind the horizon. The sea is calm, but you feel the anticipation of something that is about to change….perhaps in the build up of clouds that is the forerunner to a storm. Looking at your painting gives a sense of peace, yet with the knowledge that time does not stand still and is constantly changing things.

    • Matt Ziranek

      Thanks for your comment Letitia.

      It’s great to hear you got so involved. In the end that’s what I’m really trying to do, create artwork that takes on a life of it’s own with those who experience it.

  2. Robert Bokelmann

    Love the depth and persoective – engages me. Thanks Matt


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